Automatic holy water dispenser - bronze color

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Automatic touchless holy water dispenser with over 3,5 l / 118 oz capacity of holy water with 10.000 dispenses on one filling.

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Our automatic holy water dispenser is 100% hygienic way of using holy water in your community.

Automatically dispenses holy water to your hands for avoiding any crosscontamination with the rest of the holy water.

Capacity of holy water is over 3,5 l / 118 oz, which gives you 10.000 dispenses.

Holy water tank is made from stainless steel and is placed inside the dispensers body. Filling of the tank is very easy and is accessible from back of the dispenser.

Dispenser can be easily moved and placed everywhere in your church, as the power supply is just simple  pack of 6pcs. of AA bateries 1,5V.

Batteries lifetime is up to 100.000 dispenses.


It has special tray with the collector of used holy water inside the dispensor, which can be easily drained and disinfected.

Very well designed and manufactured in central Europe.


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